Bible Witness Volume 1 Issue 1

Bible Witness Volume 1 Issue 1

July – September 2001

God’s Word

  • Exceeding Great and Precious Promises
  • The Veracity of Scripture
  • Biblical Creation vs Theistic Evolution
  • Why we should Regard the Bible as Authoritative

Father and Son

  • God Our Everylasting Father
  • Why did Jesus Ride a Donkey into Jerusalem?
  • Today Shalt Thou Be with Me in Paradise
  • Having a Clear Vision of God

Spiritual Chaos

  • Spiritual Confusion
  • The Defence and Propogation of the Most Holy Faith in the Last Days
  • The Number Game

Dealing with Sin

  • Do You Speak the Truth?
  • The Sin of Pride
  • Consequences of Marriage to a Non-believer

Spiritual Growth and Service

  • Drawing Close to God
  • Assurance of God’s Love
  • Hospital Visits

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