Bible Witness Volume 2 Issue 1: Church


January – March 2002


  • Is Tithing a Law for the Church too?
  • The Church and Missions
  • Images of the Church
  • Importance of Church, Worship and Holiness
  • Wrong Criteria in Choosing a Church
  • Church Purity
  • Essential Elements for the Best Functioning of the Church

Handling Disputes in the Church

  • It is Divine to Forgive
  • The Contention was so Sharp between them
  • Admonishing One Another
  • Gossip, a Terrible Spiritual Malady

Ministry to the Ageing

  • Ageing and its Challenges to the Church
  • Ageing — The Spiritual Perspective

Christians’ Sufficiency in God

  • The Sufficiency of Scriptures
  • Trusting God at All Times
  • Our Forgiveness Fully Purchased
  • Our Lasting Inheritance

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