Bible Witness Volume 2 Issue 4: Preservation of God’s Word

Preservation of God’s Word

October – December 2002


  • God’s Special Providential Care of the Text of Scripture
  • A Perfect Bible Today!
  • The Biblical Doctrine of the Verbal, Plenary Inspiration of God’s Word
  • The Biblical Defence for the Verbal, Plenary Preservation of God’s Word
  • Jesus’ View of the Holy Scripture
  • A More Sure Word
  • If We Reject the Doctrine of the Perfect Preservation of the Bible
  • Faith Guides, Intellectualism Beguiles
  • The Perfection of the Bible: 3 Views

Translation of the Bible

  • The Translators’ Awesome Task
  • A Book Review of D. A. White’s “Defending the King James Bible”

Life and Death

  • Life is a Paradox Under the Sun
  • Orbituary of a Hero
  • Thoughts on Mortality

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