Bible Witness Volume 3 Issue 1: Suffering


January – March 2003


  • Tribulation and Cheer
  • All Things Work Together for Good to them that Love God
  • God’s Sovereignty in Our Adversity
  • Why Suffering?
  • Why do the Innocent Suffer?
  • Suffering can be Good for you!
  • Christian, you can Rejoice in your Trials!
  • God Moulds our Character through Pain and Suffering
  • The Tears of a Caring Saviour
  • How Heavy is Your Heart?
  • Are You ‘Caving In’?


  • Jesus, the Healer of My Soul and Body
  • God’s Strengthening in the Struggle against Cancer


  • The Philosophy of Thanksgiving
  • Disciplines of a Grateful Heart

Note: No digital download available.