Volume 2 Issue 4
October–December 2002
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Preservation of God's Word

articles on god’s word
God's Special Providential Care of the Text of Scripture
Timothy Tow

A Perfect Bible Today!
Jeffrey Khoo

The Biblical Doctrine of the Verbal Plenary Inspiration of God’s Word
Jack Sin

The Biblical Defence for the Verbal Plenary Preservation of God’s Word
Thomas M. Strouse

Jesus’ View of the Holy Scripture
Prabhudas Koshy

A More Sure Word
Stephen Khoo

If We Reject the Doctrine of the Perfect Preservation of the Bible
Prabhudas Koshy

Faith Guides, Intellectualism Beguiles
Prabhudas Koshy

The Perfection of the Bible: 3 Views
Jeffrey Khoo

The Translators’ Awesome Task
Tow Siang Hwa

A Book Review of D. A. Waite’s “Defending the King James Bible”
Dennis Kwok
life and death
Life is a Paradox Under the Sun
Timothy Tow

Obituary of a Hero
James Chan

Thoughts on Mortality
Tow Siang Yeow
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