Volume 3, Issue 1 | January–March 2003


Tribulation and Cheer
Prabhudas Koshy
All Things Work Together for Good to Them that Love God
Timothy Tow
God's Sovereignty in Our Adversity
Wee Eng Moh
Why Suffering?
Jeffrey Khoo
Why do the Innocent Suffer?
Peter Chua
Suffering Can be Good for You!
Quek Suan Yew
Christian, You Can Rejoice in Your Trials!
Cheong Chin Meng
God Moulds Our Character Through Suffering and Pain
Tan Kian Sing
The Tears of a Caring Saviour
Errol Stone
How Heavy is Your Heart?
Koh Kim Hiang
Are You "Caving In"?
Boaz Boon


Jesus, the Healer of My Soul and Body
John Peh
God's Strengthening in the Struggle Against Cancer
Victor and Gek Choo Nah


The Philosophy of Thanksgiving
Timothy Tow
Disciplines of a Grateful Heart
Prabhudas Koshy
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