Volume 3, Issue 2 | April–June 2003


Israel's Promised Land
Tow Siang Hwa
Disposession and Dispersal
Timothy Tow
Will Israel Survive as a Nation?
Koa Keng Woo
Will Israel be Saved as a Nation?
Ephrem Chiracho
Will There be Peace in Israel
Prabhudas Koshy
Israel's Salvation—By Works or By Faith?
Quek Suan Yew
Israel and the Church in Prophecy
Jeffrey Khoo
Preaching Christ to the Jews Through the Old Testament
Vrambout Marc

Christian Home:

Developing a Biblical Relationship with Parents
Philip Heng
Excellent Models of Christian Marriage
Prabhudas Koshy

Life of devotion:

Search the Scriptures
Jack Sin
Wholehearted Toward God
Simon Nagarajan
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