Biblical Separation

Volume 3, Issue 3 | July–September 2003


A Serious Warning to the Church Today
Wang Ming Tao
A Historical Account of Separation from Unbelief
Timothy Tow
Are Biblical Separation and Ecumenism Complementary?
Quek Suan Yew
Identifying Truth from Error
Jeffrey Khoo
New Evangelicalism: The Fine Art of Fence Straddling
Vincent Chia
Biblical Separation in the Choice of a Life Partner
Reggor Galarpe
Seven Spiritual Blessings of Separation
Prabhudas Koshy

Voices from the Past:

Utterances from John Knox
John Knox

Sin of Homosexuality:

The Danger of Promoting a Pro-Homosexual Society
Peter Chua
Biblical Response to Homosexuality
Prabhudas Koshy

World and christians:

The World's Hatred for Christians
Errol Stone
Look to No Man, Care Not What the World May Plan
Joshua Lim
Living a Moral Life in an Immoral Society
Prabhudas Koshy
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