Volume 4, Issue 3 | July–August 2004


Follow Jesus and Be a Fisher of Man
Prabhudas Koshy
Who Will Reap the Harvest?
Prabhudas Koshy
The Holy Spirit's Role in Missions and Evangelism
Jeffrey Khoo
Church and Evangelism in Modern Times
Prabhudas Koshy
Inauguration of Gethsemane Bible-Presbyterian Mission Church, Cebu, The Philippines
Prabhudas Koshy

Youth's page:

The Truth Shall Make You Free
Paul Cheng and Prabhudas Koshy
Testimonies of Deliverance from Drugs
Various Writers

children's page:

Bible Trivia—Genesis 3
Prabhudas Koshy
What Causes Us to Sin Against God?
Prabhudas Koshy
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