Meditations on the Passion Week

Volume 6, Issue 2 | March—April 2006


The Triumphant Entry
Errol Stone
Christ Lifted Up!
Prabhudas Koshy
The Cross Reconciles God's Love & His Wrath
Tan Kian Sing
Jesus' Finished Work and Our Unfinished Work
Cheong Chin Meng
The Constitution of the Resurrected Body
Quek Suan Yew
Responses to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Wee Eng Moh

Special Report

The Gethsemane Care Ministry Celebrates its 1st Anniversary
Paul Cheng
Information on Bible Witness Media Ministry
Prabhudas Koshy

children's page:

Bible Trivia—Genesis 19
Sarah Ng
Extremity Provides Opportunity
Prabhudas Koshy
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