Double Commemorative Special: 400th Year of KJV & 10th Year of BW

Volume 11, Issue 2 | March–June 2011

400th Year of KJV:

Prabhudas Koshy
Plain Reasons for Keeping to the Authorised Version
Trinitarian Bible Society (reprinted with permission)
Questions about the King James Version
Jeffrey Khoo
The Praise of the Holy Scriptures
Trinitarian Bible Society (reprinted with permission)
The Story of Our Bible
B.A. Ramsbottom (reprinted with permission)
The Accuracy of the Authorised Version
Malcom H. Watts (reprinted with permission)
The Attacks on the Authority of Scripture
Paul Ferguson
The Perfect Word
Richard Tiu

10th year of bible witness:

Reaching Out to the World
Mah Chin Kwang
Salutations and Testimonies
Various Writers

children's page:

A Caring Helper
Ruth Low

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